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FYS: The Power of Passion and the Passion for Power (2020): Assignment for 9/22

This guide is for students in Profe Ridley's FYS.


Before class on Tuesday, September 22nd you need to:

  1. Watch both videos on this page (OneSearch - a general overview; Finding Books in OneSearch).
  2. Use OneSearch to find one book that looks like it might be useful for your class. Get creative with this - you should be searching BEYOND just the name of the person you're researching! Maybe you need to learn more about Chile in the 20th century? Or maybe you're interested in women artists in Cuba?
  3. Check out the book from the library and bring it to your library session on Tuesday, September 22nd. If you are an online-only student, please find an ebook that looks useful for class.
  4. In class on Tuesday, be prepared to share the keywords you used to find the book you brought to class. 

Where is everything?

Call numbers that begin with the letters A-N are on the 3rd floor of the library. Call numbers that begin with the letters P-Z are on the second floor of the library.


Books are in alpha-numeric order. Look for all of the letters first (single letters come first, so P comes before PA) and then the numbers.


OneSearch - a general overview

Finding Books in OneSearch


A note about the video above. In the second video the drop-down box was on the right side of the search bar, instead of the left. We regularly update OneSearch to make it useful - and that change has not yet been reflect in the how-to video. 

The current version of the search bar looks like this:

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