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FYS: The Power of Passion and the Passion for Power (2020): Articles & Databases

This guide is for students in Profe Ridley's FYS.

OneSearch: Books, Articles, Films & More

OneSearch Video

Using the Library's Databases to Find Journal Articles


  • To limit your results to articles in OneSearch, use the Articles + dropdown option.


  • From the library's website, click on Articles & Databases (or use the list below)
  • DON'T FORGET, you can look at databases by type or subject. In the Articles tab select "Click here for all databases".



  • Keywords: don't forget to try broader/narrower terms, synonyms, and related terms
  • Click on each title to get the full information (catalog record)
  • Use Subject links  to find similar items or for keywords
  • Try a Boolean Operator: AND, NOT, OR
  • How about a wildcard? Invent* will give you: Invent, Invents, Inventor, Invention

Recommended Databases

To target your search to find articles on a specific subject more easily, try searching one individual database instead of combining them all in OneSearch. The following are recommended for your course: