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FYS: The Power of Passion and the Passion for Power (2020): Finding Books

This guide is for students in Profe Ridley's FYS.

Library Locations & Search Tips


  • HU-Reference books: located on the 1st floor of the library
  • HU-General Collection: located on the 2nd (P-Z) and 3rd (A-N) floors of the library
  • RC-General Collection: sign into OneSearch, then click Request for delivery in 1 week day!
  • E-Books: follow the link to read the book online!

OneSearch: Books, Articles, Films & More

Smart Searching Tips

Try different key words in your searches:

  • People, types or names (Nuns, Isabella of Castile)
  • Places (Europe, Argentina)
  • Time periods or events (Middle Ages, 20th century)
  • Things
  • Categories

Add to your list by looking for:

  • Subject terms in the catalog and databases.
  • related terms (queen - royalty)
  • synonyms (medieval - middle ages)

No results? Search more broadly: 

Try your search using fewer terms, or change to broader terms: for example, use the term artist (broad), instead of just painter (narrow).

Too many results? Narrow down by adding something:

Try combining  search words, using "and" in between: nuns and education

Search Tools

Combine your terms using "AND":

women and marriage and property


Use the *  (asterisk) wildcard, to search several terms at once.

educ* = educated, education, educator, etc.

Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase:

"voting rights"



More Books

Try these searches for books beyond our library:

Finding Books in OneSearch