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Photography (2020): Images

A guide for students in photography classes- created by librarian Maryke Barber

Image Databases

Search: using keyword, or Advanced Search using Creator/Title fields.

  • Open images by double-clicking them
  • Zoom, pan, rotate by using the commands below

Features requiring an Artstor account:

These features require the creation of a free Artstor account (separate from your Hollins network login). Click here for more information on how to create an account.

  • Download images. 
  • Save images to Image Groups using the “ADD TO GROUP” button.

Need help? Try the Artstor Support Site


Search: using keyword, or Advanced Search using Image Search.

In an artist biography, go to the “Images” tab. Make sure you scroll down to see all links to images on museum and gallery web sites. Warning: not all these links will  work (but most will).


    • Open images by clicking them
    • Download by right-clicking (PC) or dragging to desktop (Mac).

Suggested Websites: Contemporary Photography

Photography Journals & Magazines

Suggested Websites: Historical Photographs