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ART: Art & Artists Research for Drawing & Painting Courses (2020)

A guide for students in Elise Schweitzer and Claire Stankus's courses, created by arts Librarian Maryke Barber

Web Sites - Contemporary Artists

Painting Perceptions Blog

Painting OWU Blog

Artist Catherine Kehoe's Blog

Hyperallergic (especially Beer With a Painter)

Recommended Museum Collections

Museum collections offer high-quality images and reliable information. Searching for your artist + "museum" is a great place to start, but it's also fun to browse the biggest & best! Here are just a couple:

Art Encyclopedias and Dictionaries in the Library

Use these encyclopedias and dictionaries, found on the library's first floor, to help you find background information and sources for your research:

Credo: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and More, oh My....

Credo Logo

Credo will help you with definitions and longer overviews of topics in all subjects: history, culture, science and more.

Suggested Terms to Search and Browse for Mixed Media Movements and Processes

Neo Dada
Nouveau Réalisme
Papier Colle
Ready Made