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ART: Art & Artists Research for Studio Art Courses (2023)

A guide for students in studio art courses, created by arts Librarian Maryke Barber

What's In ND: The Library's Books on Painting

ND25-3416 Painting
ND25-(48) General
ND49-813 History - by period, geographical area
ND1115-1120 Study and teaching
ND1130-1156 General works
ND1288-1460 Special subjects
ND1290-1293 Human figure
ND1300-1337 Portraits
ND1340-1367 Landscape painting
ND1370-1375 Marine painting
ND1380-1383 Animals. Birds
ND1385-1388 Sports. Hunting, fishing, etc.
ND1390-1393 Still life
ND1400-1403 Flowers. Fruit. Trees
ND1410-1460 Other subjects
ND1470-1625 Technique and materials
ND1630-1662 Examination and conservation of paintings
ND1700-2495 Watercolor painting
ND2550-2733 Mural painting
ND2889-3416 Illuminating of manuscripts and books

What's in NC - The Library's Books on Drawing

NC1-1940   Drawing. Design. Illustration
NC1-45       General (Including collective biography)
NC50-266    History of drawing - by period, geographical area
NC390-670  Study and teaching
NC673-677  Competitions
NC703-725  General works
NC730-758  Technique
NC760-825  Special subjects
NC845-915  Graphic art materials
NC930         Conservation and restoration of drawings
NC950-(996) Illustration
NC997-1003 Commercial art. Advertising art
NC1280-1284 Printed ephemera.
NC1300-1766 Pictorial humor, caricature, etc.
NC1800-1850 Posters
NC1860-1896 Greeting cards, postcards, invitations, book jackets, etc.
NC1920-1940 Copying, enlarging, and reduction of drawings