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Theatre History, Theory & Criticism (2024): Get Started: Background/Reference

A guide to research for students in theatre classes, created by Librarian Maryke Barber

Cambridge Histories of Theatre (E-Books)

Online Encyclopedias

Browsing the Reference Books

Reference books are located on the first floor of the library, with the call numbers:

  • PN's, especially PN 1580-3300
  • Literature - organized by country in other areas, e.g.:
    • PQ = France, Italy, Spain
    • PR = Britain
    • PS = United States
    • PT = Germanic countries
  • Z5780-5782 - bibliographies


A few recommended reference books

PN 1625 and PN 2035 are the two main places to look for theatre reference books. However, keep in mind that plays are literature, so some reference books will also show up in other areas. For example, most reference books about Shakespeare are found around PN 2892.

New Reference!