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Comm470: Communication Studies Senior Seminar 2019: Theses/Dissertations

You are Not Alone: Undergrad Theses (Online) from other Libraries

Master's and Doctoral Theses

Hollins theses in the Hollins Digital Commons

Hollins students who complete honors theses have the option of submitting their theses to the Hollins Digital Commons.

Hollins students who complete senior theses (not honor's theses) may also have the option of submitting their thesis to the Digital Commons, if recommended by their advisor.

HU Honors Theses in the Library

The library accepts senior honors theses for inclusion in the university archive. We are dependent on students to provide the theses for us, so we do not have a complete collection, and participation may vary from year to year.

To view theses from previous years, contact Beth Harris ( or visit her on the third floor of the library.

Your Librarian

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Luke Vilelle
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Office: Library's second floor: up the middle stairs, go right, and you'll see a sign pointing to my office. Schedule appointment here: