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JTerm in Florence 2024

A guide for students on the J-Term trip with Professors Hendricks and Schweitzer.

- Photo by Chrisa Hickey, 2011. Reproduced under the Creative Commons license from

Going to Florence?

Welcome! This guide will help you find sources for your oral presentation about Florence with information about art, the history of the city, architecture and more. If you need assistance, don't forget that the library will reopen on Wednesday, January 3. Safe travels and enjoy your trip!


Renaissance Florence: Age of Gold (Kanopy)

Florence, defined by hierarchy and inequality, has become synonymous with the Italian Renaissance. How did this happen? Here, you will explore the complex political journey of this "most noble" of cities from model republic to six decades of domination by the iconic Medici family, and back again.

The City: Building Reputations (Films on Demand)

This program focuses on the fierce competition between the newly wealthy merchant classes in Siena and Florence throughout the 13th and 14th centuries over the creation of new buildings, services, and ways of governing. Leading art historians interpret this jarring 200-year conflict through detailed analysis of each city-state’s stunning cathedrals and exquisite artworks.

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