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Underrepresentation in the LGBT+ Spectrum

Welcome to the Underrepresentation in the LGBT+ Spectrum Exhibit 


Thank you for stopping by to the Hollins University fall 2022 library exhibit on underrepresentation in the LGBT+ spectrum. The topic of LGBT+ has been quite popular in the past few years, and especially on college campuses. However, there seems to be a common thread that most exhibits, articles, collections, and books seem to follow in their representation of LGBT+ content-- they mainly focus on the narratives of white people, typically from the United States, and specifically focus on the stereotypical portrayal gay, lesbian, and transgender identities. While there is no "standard" or overarching LGBT+ experience, this exhibit is meant to highlight identities and their intersectionalities that may get swept under the rug in many LGBT+ compilations. 

This exhibit focuses on the Hollins University library materials that highlights marginalized or underrepresented LGBT+ genders, sexualities, and nationalities. It is meant to curate a small selection of material, both Hollins library books and other media, to highlight these typically overshadowed experiences.

Madison Brousseau, '23.


- Note: in Fall 2021 the library featured an exhibit on Transgender Awareness. You can check it out here.