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INQ: Theories of Color (2024)

A guide for students in Professor Elise Schweitzer's class, created by librarian Maryke Barber.

Pigment & Color Books: a Sample

Book Locations

  • HU General Collection: 2nd and 3rd floors
  • HU Folio Collection: ground floor
  • HU Reference: ground floor
  • HU Reserves: 1st floor, ask at the Checkout Desk. Note: Reserves Books must be returned on time.


Volume Information

Volume 1 

  • Indian yellow 
  • Cobalt yellow (aureolin) 
  • Barium sulfate 
  • natural and synthetic 
  • Cadmium yellows, oranges, and reds 
  • Red lead and minium 
  • Green earth 
  • Zinc white 
  • Chrome yellow and other chromate pigments 
  • Lead antimonate yellow 
  • Carmine  

Volume 2 

  • Azurite and blue verditer 
  • Ultramarine blue, natural and artificial 
  • Lead white 
  • Lead-tin yellow 
  • Smalt 
  • Verdigris and copper resinate 
  • Vermillion and cinnabar 
  • Malachite and green verditer 
  • Calcium carbonate whites

Volume 3 

  • Egyptian blue 
  • Orpiment and realgar 
  • Indigo and woad 
  • Madder and alizarin 
  • Gamboge 
  • Vandyke brown 
  • Cassel earth, Cologne earth 
  • Prussian blue 
  • Emerald green and Scheele's green 
  • Chromium oxide greens 
  • Chromium oxide and hydrated chromium oxide 
  • Titanium dioxide whites

Volume 4 

  • Pigments Based on Carbon 
  • Iron Oxide Pigments 
  • Asphalt 
  • Cobalt Blue 
  • Arylide (Hansa) Yellow Pigments.

Volumes 1-3 Online

Artists' Pigments, volumes 1-3 are also online:


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