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Celebrating Hollins Retiring Faculty 2021

A virtual exhibit by Wyndham Robertson Library at Hollins University.


This year, the library invited faculty who are retiring in Spring 2021 to share their work with our community.

This exhibit highlights the scholarship and creative work of three professors whose combined teaching careers at Hollins total an amazing 90 years. While the extraordinary careers of such experienced and beloved faculty cannot be fully expressed by an exhibit, the Library is still proud to celebrate with Cathy Hankla, Kathleen Nolan, and Ernie Zulia as they prepare for their next career as faculty emeriti!

Kathleen Nolan

First year at Hollins: 1985.

Favorite Hollins memory:  There isn’t a single memory, but a recurring one of having a seminar with a group of advanced art history or history majors who are so knowledgeable and so confident in themselves that they run the course, and the rest of us just look on admiringly.  I have had this great experience several times at Hollins, I am fortunate to say, mostly recently in Fall of 2020, my Portraiture seminar, masks and all.

Favorite place on campus: The Visual Arts Center.  I am the only member of the Art Department still teaching who was involved with the planning (and fund raising) for our glorious building.  Since the Trustees had just poured themselves into the beautiful Wyndham Robertson Library, the Art Department faculty was given free rein in selecting the team of architects who designed the building, and of working closely with them. It has been a great pleasure to teach in the VAC since 2004.  The spaces I teach in, the seminar room VAC 112, and the lecture room, VAC 119 are a delight, and the studio spaces are unparalleled.  Part of the pleasure comes from the pristine state that the building is kept in by our support staff, Yulandra Livingston, and others. 

Proudest professional accomplishment: Here I have to mention two points.  Of course I have been happy to have played a role in the vibrant scholarship on medieval queens for nearly two decades, but it has meant the world to me to help launch art history students into their brilliant lives beyond Hollins for more than thirty years.

Plans for retirement: Like everyone else, I hope to be able to travel before too long.  I expect that I will continue to research and write, while having more time to enjoy leisure pursuits like gardening and reading British women writers.