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GWS347: Girlhood Studies 2021: Scholarly Journal Articles

Dr. Costa's Recommended Journals

Subject-specific databases

Many other journals will include studies on girlhood. If you search in any other subject-specific database (e.g., Women's Studies International, or LGBT Life), use appropriate keywords to help you find those studies.

General Interest Databases

Using Google Scholar

1. Link your Google Scholar searches to library full-text access. Click on Settings / Library Links, and then search for "Hollins." Check all the boxes associated with Hollins. 

2. When viewing results, links with full-text availability are to the right of the results list. These will include both links to openly available sources, and links to library-provided content. 

3. Title links may or may not take you to the full text of the article; sometimes they will only take you to a paywall. If you encounter a paywall, use Interlibrary Loan to obtain the article you need.

4. Results will include more than just journal articles; books from Google Books, dissertations, other student papers... all of these may appear in Google Scholar searches.

5. Use the Cited By links to trace literature forward; e.g., see who has cited this particular time.