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GWS347: Girlhood Studies 2021: Books

Catalog searching tips

WHAT AM I SEARCHING? Records representing every book in our library and Roanoke College’s library, and both records and full text of our 100,000+ e-books. These records contain:

  •  Title/Author/Location/Status/Call Number/Subject Headings/Table of Contents (maybe)


  • HU-General Collection: located on the 2nd (P-Z) and 3rd (A-N) floors of the library
  • RC-General Collection: click Request this item for delivery the next weekday!
  • E-Books: follow the link to read the book online!

For Issue Research

Use Keyword (or Word) Search

  • Some of your topics may have a specific subject heading that matches well with your research (for instance, there is a subject heading for "mass media and girls").

Types of searches

  • Browse: Your avenue to browsing the Library of Congress subject headings. For instance, enter "Girls" in the Browse screen search box. You will see subject headings that start with Girls... and many see also references to related subject headings. 
    • You may also find subject headings through keyword searches, and then viewing records (which include subject headings) for books of interest.
  • Advanced Search: If you wish to look for certain terms within subject headings or titles, you can use the Advanced Search..

Find an Ebook?

1. You can usually print up to a certain number of pages from the book (often 40 or 60), which is useful if you'd like to print a chapter.

2. If you are using the Firefox browser, and each page tries to open in a new PDF, switch to Internet Explorer or Chrome.

More Books

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

Worldcat: Find books in libraries worldwide, and order them via Inter-Library Loan if Hollins does not have them.


  • Using will sort your results by relevance; using will put our books first.
  • When searching for a person in Worldcat, it helps to add a search term (or two) about who they are/what they do - to sort them out from other people with the same name. Try the following formula for artists, for example:

Kathryn Clark and art*

or use the advanced search:

  • keyword: "kathryn clark"
  • subject: art*

Google Books contains full text for books in the public domain (pre-1923); partial text for books under copyright.

Very useful for finding out which books contain information on your topic; then you can order them via inter-library loan if Hollins doesn't have them.

The larger universe of books

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