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19th and 20th Century France: La Musique

Paris in the 19th Century

San Jose State University provides access to Music of 19th Century Paris. The " attempts an illustrated exploration of the musical composers and music culture of Paris during the nineteenth century, a period commonly referred to as the Romantic Era in music." The site provides a chronology of the time, biographies of important composers, and detailed information on opera, operetta, ballet, and popular music of the time period. 

Bal Musette

Bal musette refers to a dance hall featuring accordion music. This style of music became popular in Paris beginning in the 1880s, but it evokes visions of Paris to listeners today.  Le Vieux Belleville is a Parisian bistro in the 20th arrondissement  that celebrates bal musette music and revelry nightly. Go to their homepage to watch a video about the music and dance style that continues to evoke visions of Paris.