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BIO 350: Advanced Molecular Genetics: Web Resources

Use this LibGuide for your molecular genetics literature review.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Websites for Research

  • Who is the sponsor of this website (a government, university, private company)? Is this a trustworthy sponsor? If it is unclear who the sponsor is, this may be a red flag.
  • Who is the author of the content on this website? What qualifications does this person have to write knowledgably on the subject? Is he/she a scholar/researcher/professor or a hobbyist/enthusiast/self-proclaimed expert? In other words, why should you believe what this person has to say?
  • Why do you think this website was created? Is it based on legitimate research or is it an expression of an opinion or a rant/exaggeration/parody?
  • Is the information you found on this website consistent with the information you found in reference sources/books/scholarly journal articles? Does the website cite sources? If not, this could be another red flag. If so, waht kinds of sources are cited? Are they reliable? How do you know?

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

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