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FYS: Erasing History 2021: Article Databases

Why use an article database?

If you're not finding what you need in OneSearch, you may wish to seek a particular type of article (scholarly or popular press) or articles from a particular subject area (e.g., Communication Studies) by using an article database. 

Newspaper Articles

NexisUni includes articles from a wide variety of newspapers (and a few magazines and broadcast news shows).

Find scholarly journal/magazine articles

The library subscribes to more than 100 databases, with various types of content, ranging from scholarly journal articles to magazine/newspaper articles to books to videos to historical documents. These are three recommended sources for scholarly journal and magazine articles.

  • Sign in using your Hollins username and password.

    How to search an EBSCO database


    • Academic Search Complete is a database of articles from scholarly journals and trade magazines in the communication studies field.


    • Keywords = terms important to your topic, NOT words such as of, then, where, what, etc.
    • Think about your topic.  What other words are used to represent your key concepts?
    • Pay attention to your results.  What other words are used to represent your concepts?
    • Combine separate concepts (journalism; war) with AND - if you enter the search string JOURNALISM WAR, the database will search for "journalism war," not journalism and war.
    • Combine synonyms with OR.  Example: (journalism OR reporting) AND war.


    • Some articles will have full-text; others will have only abstracts
    • Sort by date or relevance (top of results page)
    • Email or print the articles you are interested in (under Tools on the left-hand side of the record page)
    • Get the properly formatted citation for an article (under Tools on the left-hand side of the record page)


    • By Source Type (limit to academic journals): not all articles in a scholarly publication will be peer-reviewed. 
    • By Subject: a great way to find other keywords to use in your search and to limit your results.


    • Click on Hollins Journal Finder. (Go to the Finding Full Text tab for further details).

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    A sample search: What is relevant?

    Not every result you see will automatically be relevant to your work. For example, click on the link below to look at a set of search results for "Wire and HBO."

    Which of these articles have the most to say about The Wire as a television show?