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Firewall Issues

Please make sure that ports 2000 and 4600 are open both ways on your Cisco firewall. 

Are there any known issues related to running the Millennium clients through a Cisco firewall?

Yes. Cisco PIX firewalls and ASA devices have the ability to alter certain connections as they traverse the firewall. Cisco PIX refers to this as a "fixup," which can be enabled or disabled for several network services including the Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP/skinny). Unfortunately both SCCP and Millennium use port 2000/TCP. When a Cisco firewall sees traffic on port 2000/TCP it assumes it is a SCCP connection and attempts to alter the traffic. This creates problems with Millennium connections.

Innovative recommends that you or your firewall administrator configure your Cisco products to disable SCCP fixup using the following commands:

Cisco Product


PIX Firewall

no fixup protocol skinny 2000

ASA Devices

policy-map global_policy| class inspection_default| no inspect skinny


Cisco PIX firewalls may need to add a command for continued Quick Click Ordering support on the 1021 port.

Cisco Product


PIX Firewall

fixup protocol ftp 1021

WAM - 502 Errors

The best first course of action to take whenever you encounter 502 errors with WAM is to restart all WebPAC processes. This clears WAM's cache, and usually gets rid of any 502 errors. (Users may have to clear their browser cache as well.)

Changing Reply Email Address to Circ Notices

In Circ Module go to Admin>Parameters>Branch Addresses

P-Type, I-Type, and Location Codes

0 RC Students
1 RC Faculty
2 RC Staff
3 RC Other
4 RC Community Patrons
6 HU Undergraduates
7 HU Faculty
8 RC Upward Bound/Innov Chall
9 RC Faculty/Staff Family
10 RC Departmental
11 RC Retired
12 RC-Salem Pub/Copenhaver
14 HU Alumni
15 HU Community Patrons
16 HU Summer Adults
17 HU Community High Teachers
18 HU Graduate Students
20 unused
21 unused
22 HU Restricted Borrower
23 Library Staff
24 HU Library Staff
25 unused
26 HU Summer Youth
27 RC-College of Health Sci
28 RCSE Elementary School Libs
29 Seminary Student
0 books
1 Periodicals (Paper Format)
2 Compact Disks-Audio
3 Microcard
4 Microfilm
5 Microfiche
6 Computer Software
7 Laser Disks-Video
8 Maps
9 Photocopies
10 Videotapes
11 Phonograph Records
12 Audio Tapes
13 Kits
14 Film Strips
15 Slides
16 Transparencies
17 Motion Pictures
18 Equipment
19 Manuscripts
20 Reserve-24 Hours
21 Reserve-3 Days
22 2 Hr Media Equipment
23 Compact Disk-Comp Data/Software
24 Internet Access only
25 Reserve-1 Day
26 Reserve-7 Days
27 Reserve-2 Hours
28 Reserve-3 Hours
29 Globe
30 Reference
31 Periodicals
32 Government Documents
33 DVD
34 Microforms
35 E-Reserves
36 Digital Still Camera
37 Digital Video Camera
38 Video Camera
39 Boom Box
40 Tripod
41 Lighting Kit
42 Microphone
43 Digital Voice Recorder
44 Television/Monitor
45 Cassette Deck
46 CD Player
47 DVD Player
48 Laser Disk Player
49 VHS Recorder/Player
50 Hi 8 Player
51 Mini DV Player
52 Audio Cassette Recorder/Player
53 LCD Projector
54 Slide Projector
55 Overhead Projector
56 Receivers/Amps
57 Microphone Stand
58 Sound Mixing Board
59 Computer Accessories Long Term
60 PA Systems
61 Laptops
62 Special Collections Circulating
63 netLibrary eBook
64 Gov Doc Periodicals
65 Alcohol101
66 ILL Items
67 Circulating Periodical
68 DvD-ROM (GovDoc)
69 RC Fac Non-Circ
70 Bicycle
71 BluRay
72 Long Term Locker
73 Short Term Locker
74 Computer Accessories Short Term
75 Laptop (3 hour)
76 Hike Bag

hub  : HU-Best Sellers
hck  : HU-Children's Alcove
hcs  : HU-General Collection
hcg  : HU-Government Docs
inet : Internet
hcj  : HU-Juvenile Collection
hmf  : HU-Microforms
hcm  : HU-Music Library
hcmr : HU-Music Library Ref
hcp  : HU-Periodicals
hcyp :HU perm. reserve video & DVD
hcr  : HU-Reference
hrr  : HU-Ready Reference
hcd  : HU-Special Collections

Adding a location code;

Go to Cataloging>Admin>Parameter>Branches>Insert (latest code was hgk circ address 4 name HU-Gov Docs Keep)

New P-Type

Go To Circulation>Admin>Patron Types

(e.g. 25 HU K-12 Teachers). Save changes. 

Go to Circulation>Loan Rules and create a new line. I usually copy the rules from a different P-Type. 

Go to Loan Rule Determiner and find the patron type you copied and insert the P-type number next to it. For instance, I just created P-Type 25 and it had the same privileges as the patron types 14 and 15, so I looked for all instances of 14,15 and then added the new p-type 25. 

Go to patron blocks and edit the line, if needed. 

Part 1 - How do you do this?

1. Save the .txt file to the desktop

2. Go to Admin Module>Data Exchange and Load patron records from tap of FTS

3. Click Get PC, upload list, and change .pat to .pfts

4. Select file in list and click Prep (top right).

5. Click Start (at bottom of window) and now select the same list but the .pat file

6. Click Load (top right) and then Test (at bottom)

7. Take note of the # of errors. You want zero. Go back to the lists and view the error log if needed. 

8. Click Close (top right)

Patron Blocks. How many items for which patron type for how long, etc?

Go to Circulation>Admin>Patron Blocks. Here you can see the Patron Type/Number and limit the # of certain items they can check out at a time. We've only limited DVDs so far. See patron type 6 (Undergrad) and Max Item A is 3, so only 3 DVDs out at a time. 

Items are determined with Max Item A is DVD and Videos (7,10,33,71)

Max Item B are All Books.

You can check these items in Telnet.

   A > Additional system functions
      A > Alter system paramenters
         S > System Codes
            O > Set system options
               C > Circulation options

I allowed Comm Patrons and Alum to check out Media. This entailed going into Loan Rule Determiner and finding the Items with H* and looking for the item types 2,7,10,12,23,33,71 and adding the Ptype 14-15 in the column for Patron type. 

New Location

1. Go to Circulation Module>Admin>Parameters>General>Branches

2. Click insert, give it a name, Branch code is confusing, look for a similar item and use the code (e.g. 4 for Gov Docs)

Merging Review Files to make them larger

1. Login to character-based

2. Additional system functions

3. Alter system parameters

4. Review file maintenance

5. Here you’ll see a list of all the file sizes. You have to set an empty file to a size of 1, then add the extra records to a non-empty file. Repeat the process until you have a big enough file for your needs. When you are done, please set the files back to normal size.

Part 2 - How do you do this?

1. Go to Admin Module>Create Lists and find an empty review file

2. Rename file and change the file type to record type Patron

3. For Fac/Staff set up the list to search for Patron/Expiration Date/=12-10-2001

Also search for Patron/Ptype=7

Then go to Circ Module>Rapid Update and select the Expiration Date field (click on empty box at bottom and then find Exp Date field) and enter 12-31-20xx (always use next year, e.g if you're in 2015, use 2016)

Run this.You can see if it took by looking up a staff member's record in Circ Module. 

4. For Grad Students set up the list to search for Patron/Expiration Date/=12-10-2001

Also search for Patron/Ptype=18

Then go to Circ Module>Rapid Update and select the Expiration Date field (click on empty box at bottom and then find Exp Date field) and enter 12-31-20xx (always use next year, e.g if you're in 2015, use 2016)

5. For Seniors set up the list to search for Patron/Expiration Date/=12-10-2001

Also search for Patonr/Ptype=6 AND Patron pcode1 equal to D (or whatever class of x year would make them a senior)

Then go to Circ Module>Rapid Update and select the Expiration Date field (click on empty box at bottom and then find Exp Date field) and enter last day of class (always in May)


Regarding the file ^^^^^

Sometimes Bev sends files that generate errors. They are usually because the Q number breaks into two lines. If she does this, send her the file above (as a template) because it worked and didn't create any errors. 


IMPORTANT: Run a rapid update after generating a list for Ug, Fac/Staff, and Alums. Well, you should probably create a separate list with ALL types (UG, Fac/Staff, Alums, Grad Students) and then run a rapid update to change all their expiration dates to the correct exp date. 

ALSO IMPORTANT: Create a list with PCODE1 U (grad student) and PTYPE Alum. For some reasong Grad Students are receiving the alum PTYPE. Rapid update the PTYPE to Grad Student. 

I'm setting Alum exp dates to 12-10-2033