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Soc110: Intro to Sociology


Books in OneSearch

OneSearch book searching tips

What you are searching: Records representing every hard-copy book in our library and Roanoke College’s library, plus all of our e-books. These records contain:

  •  Title/Author/Location/Call Number/Subject Headings/Table of Contents (sometimes)
  • When searching health topics, you will likely find many government documents on these subjects. Most of these (particularly from 2000 onwards) will be located online.


  •  Keywords = terms important to your topic, NOT words such as of, then, where, what, etc.
  • Upon finding a relevant book, look at the book’s subject headings. If there is a relevant subject heading, click on it, and follow the subject heading to other books on your topic.
  • Sign In to see the Request icon to get books from Roanoke College or to request books be pulled for you from the HU collection.
  • Browse the call number range where you find book(s) of interest: You can do do this virtually at the bottom of the book record screen.
  • If you find a book without a call number, it is an online book. Follow the links to view the book online.