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Bus203: Investments 2019: Chart your stock/index value

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Chart your company/index in comparison to competitors and/or other indexes.

Identify on the chart where there are discrepancies between your company's movements and those of its competitors or the broader market.


Click on the companies/markets tab at the top.

Click on the company tab to get a company search screen.

Click on the stock chart to get an Interactive chart.

Choose an index to compare the company to; or enter a stock symbol (or use the Company Lookup) to compare another company.

You can only get the data in the chart.

Use Snipping Tool or Print Screen or something similar to capture the image of the chart.

Mergent Online

Click on the Equity Pricing tab.

Use the Controls on the left to designate your time period.

If you want the data, rather than a graph, click on Report.

When looking at the data in Report form, click on Download to download to an Excel spreadsheet. In Excel, you can then create a chart from the data.

To save a chart, you will need to right-click on the chart, and Copy the Image, then paste into your paper/presentation.

Use Index or Company comparisons to draw a chart comparing your company's results. (Note that you may wish to Rebase to 0 instead of the price, so the chart will show you % increase/decrease instead of raw stock price numbers).

Yahoo! Finance

Search for your company in the Quote Lookup box on the right of the page.

When you've arrived on the company screen, click on the chart to make it interactive.

You can change the date range at the top.

You can choose to compare your company stock price to an index or other companies just above the chart.

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