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Bus349: Corporate Finance 2021: Competitors/Industry Info

Industry Reports

Get a NAICS code

A NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System) allows you to make financial comparisons using our print resources highlighted here. To find a NAICS code, find your company in one of the following databases:

Why do I care about competitors and the industry?

If you look at your company without comparing it to others, you're missing the big picture.

How are the company's competitors doing? What are they focusing on? How is the overall health of the industry?

Industry Benchmarks

So you can get all sorts of financial information on your company from library databases -- but how do you know how that info compares to similar companies? You can look at data from other companies; you can also look at industry-wide norms. We have two reference books in the library that provide information on industry financial norms.

Both books are in the reference section, on the first floor. These books may not be checked out (to ensure they are available for all to use), but free copies may be made on the library printers.

You will need your company's NAICS code to use these resources. (see box to your left).

IMPORTANT: Use the introductory pages at the front of each book to help you interpret the data included in these books.

Your Librarian

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Luke Vilelle
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Office: Library's second floor: up the middle stairs, go right, and you'll see a sign pointing to my office. Schedule an appointment at this URL: