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Comm205: Research Methods in Communication 2020: Explore: Books

Library of Congress subject headings

The Library of Congress subject headings are standardized subject category terms that can be used to bring together in convenient groups the literature of the world --no matter how great its variation in title keywords -- so that materials on the same subject can be noticed and retrieved together. Subject headings are NOT the same thing as keywords. Subject headings are standardized and revised to be used by professional library catalogers. Subject headings can give you ideas for words to use in searching article databases, for other similar research, and much more.


Using Reference Books

All of the print reference books are located in our Reference Collection on the first floor. Our reference collection is an excellent place to start your research on any topic. 

Keep in mind:

  • Reference books may not be checked out (to ensure they are available for all to use).
  • You may make copies/scans of reference materials at the library's printers.

Reference Books