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ART/CLASS261: Ancient Art (2020)

Reference Entry: Decoded

Brill's New Pauly: Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World  (HU-Reference DE5 .N3513 2006)

Themisto (Θεμστώ; Themistṓ).

[1] Daughter of Lapith → Hypseus, third wife of  → Athamas (Herodoros 3I F 38 FGrh; Apollod. I, 84; Ath. 13,560d; Nonn. Dion. 9,305-307; Tzetz. Lykophr. 22), who is the father of her several children.  Her predecessors were → Nephele [I] and Ino. When the latter returns, T., tries to kill her children (Hyg. Fab. 4,239, otherwise in Fab. I).  By means of change of clothing Ino causes T.  to kill her own children, whereupon T. takes her own life.
[2] Daughter of → Inachus [I], by → Zeus the mother of → Arcas and ancestor of the Arcadians (Istros 334 F 75 FGrH).

Th. Ganshow, s. v. Leukonoe, LIMC 6.I, 272;
A. Lesky, s. v. T. (I-2), RE 5 A, 1680-1683.     R. HA.


The Oxford Classical Dictionary (HU-Reference DE5 .O9 2012)

Themisto, name of several heroines, the only one of importance being the daughter of Hypseus (Nonnus, Dion. 9. 305 f.), wife of *Anthamas.  Herodorus, in schol. Ap. Rhod. 2. 1144, makes her his first wife and mother of several childrens including Phrixus and Helle.

            See Hofer in Röscher; Themisto'.                    HJR


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