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BIO 241: Plant Biology 2016: Articles & Databases

What Is Peer Review?

Peer reviewed articles (also sometimes called refereed articles or scholarly articles) require that experts in the field must first examine the article before it is accepted for publication. This ensures that the research is sound and of high quality.

Tips for finding scholarly journals and articles:

1.    After searching OneSearch select Peer-reviewed Articles under the Availabilty filter (on the left)

2.   Ask a librarian at the Reference Desk or at

Links and DB examples

More databases!


  • Keywords: don't forget to try broader/narrower terms, synonyms, and related terms
  • Click on each title to get the full information (catalog record)
  • Use Subject links at the bottom of the catalog record to find similar items
  • Try a Boolean Operator: AND, NOT, OR
  • How about a wildcard? Natur* will give you: Nature, Natural, Naturalist