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ENG 350: Charlotte Brontë (2021)

OneSearch: Books, Articles, Films & More

OneSearch: Books, Articles, Films & More

Books in OneSearch

When you're in the stacks, look at the call number ranges on the end of the shelves to locate your book. The LC classification system is alpha-numeric, so look for the letters first, then the numbers. 

Smart Searching Tips

Smart Searching Tips

Create a list of key words, and try different key words in your searches:

Who, what, where, when....topics, names and places are all good key words, so are titles, events or historical periods, genres/styles/other categories, expert terms.
Add to your list by looking for:

  • Subject terms in OneSearch and other databases.
  • synonyms (woman - female)

No results? Search more broadly: 

Try your search using fewer terms, or change to broader terms: for example, use the term comedy (broader), instead of just standup (narrower).

Too many results? Narrow down by adding something:

Try combining  search words, using "and" in between: "historical fiction" and women

Search Tools

Combine your terms using "AND":

women and literature and "eighteenth century"

Use the *  (asterisk) wildcard, to search several terms at once.

child* = child, child's, children

Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase:

"little women"