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SPAN 231 - Conversation and Composition, Spring 2014: Finding Film Information

Can I Use This Source?

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Looking for General Film Information?

Major Spanish-Language Newspapers

Many of the major papers have powerful search engines that will allow you to narrow your search to a specific section of the paper and year.  Try looking in the culture or media section for articles written close to the original release date of your film.

Start Here: FIAF Database

FIAF, the International Index to Film Periodicals, is the library’s only database devoted exclusively to film and television studies. There are a few database listed on this page - the most useful database for you will be the Index to Film Periodicals. Here you’ll find citations for both academic and popular journal articles. Key features include:

  • Search by film/TV title,director, or character name
  • Limit to peer reviewed articles
  • Narrow down results by language (limit to English or Spanish)
  • Browsable lists of titles, people, subjects, and journals

Click on the "Search" link at the top of the page to access the advanced search screen. This will let you see all the different ways you can search for information.


Film Reviews in Spanish

Looking for film reviews in Spanish?  Here are a few strategies to help you find them:

  • Search Spanish-language newspapers listed to the left of this box
  • Don't know when your film was released?  Search IMDB for release dates in different countries as well as other technical details about your film.
  • If you're having trouble locating film reviews in newspapers, try looking for your film on Film Affinity.  Film Affinity often excerpts film reviews from major newspapers, identifying the review's author in the process.  Once you know who wrote the review for a particular newspaper, you can use the author's name to help narrow your search results in the newspaper's search interface.  (Caveat lector: do not quote the brief reviews on Film Affinity for any of your course work.  They are often translated from the original language, paraphrased or abbreviated without notation.  The only information you should obtain from Film Affinity is the name of the newspaper where the review was published and the author's name.)
  • The Spanish version of Google will often give far different results than the American version.  If you're looking for basic information or reviews, try your search on Google España.

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