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Hist328: Antebellum United States: Getting Started

Reference books online

Credo Reference contains the full text of entries from hundreds of reference books. Note that citations are provided at the bottom of each entry.

Journals on Early America

This is a list of a few journals in the field that you might find useful to browse Table of Contents. This does not mean you should only use material from  these journals -- there are many other journals, focused on american women's history, american social history, etc., that may have relevant content -- I just tried to identify journals focused on the time period.

Reference Books (First Floor)

Reference books cannot be checked, to ensure they are available for everybody to use. You may make copies of materials in reference books (cost is 10 cents/page), or, if you need an extensive amount of information from a reference book, you may ask for permission to check it out for a limited period of time.

Subject Guide

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