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ENG350: 19th Century Women Writers, 2015: Historical/Cultural Context

Find Books

Finding Relevant Reference Books

One way to find print reference books is to do an advanced search combining your keywords with the HU-Reference location. 


To locate encyclopedias or bibliographies on a particular author, search their name combined with HU-Reference location.

Here is a quick link to an example of that search for Jane Austen.


 (British or English) and Literature, etc.

Here is a quick link to that search for reference works on British or English Literature.

(But keep in mind that English Literature will include American and other national lits in the English language).

Key Terms

These terms, used in the official Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) can be used as key words in searching our catalog, Worldcat and other databases:

Criticism and interpretation (add to author name)

official LCSH example: Brontë, Emily, 1818-1848 -- Criticism and interpretation

History and criticism (add to literary movement)

official LCSH example: Gothic revival (Literature) -- History and criticism

Social life and customs (add to country, population group and/or period)

official LCSH example: Great Britain -- Social life and customs -- 19th century

Social conditions (add to country, population group and/or period)

official LCSH example: Women -- England -- Social conditions

Politics and government (add to country, period)

officla LCSH example: Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 19th century


Some Good Starting Points in Reference

A few of the relevant reference resources for this course are listed below.  Most of the relevant items will be in the PR3500s (for British Literature), but a few will be in the Z 8000s (for bibliographies of British writers).