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Econ230: Economics and the Environment 2019: Start here: Background

Using the Reference Collection

Start your research here, with an entry (or multiple entries) on your topic from one of these reference sets (all either on the first floor or available online). Use the index or table of contents.

Make a copy of your entry, or scan and e-mail it to yourself, using one of our library printers.

In the Print Reference Collection (1st Floor)

Use these books (and other reference books), found in the Reference Collection on the first floor of the library, as a starting place for your research.  They are a good place to:

  • find background information on your topic
  • find terms and people and places you can use in later database searches
  • get book lists ("bibliography" or "references")

Keep in mind:

  • Reference books may not be checked out (to ensure they're available for everybody to use)
  • You may scan/copy reference book entries at the library printers, either in the Coffee Commons or on the 2nd floor.

Your Librarian

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Luke Vilelle
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Office: Library's second floor: up the middle stairs, go right, and you'll see a sign pointing to my office. Schedule appointment here: