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French 350/470 Quebec/Senior Sem: Finding Articles in Databases

  Looking for a Journal?

Got citation, need full text?

Use OneSearch to see if Hollins has access, in a database or in the library:

If Hollins does not have access, use Inter-Library loan.

Journals in the Library


The journals we have "in print" are shelved alphabetically:


current issues:
Lewis Reading Room, 1st floor


older issues:
ground floor "compact" shelves 

  What if an article isn't full-text in my database?

First, make sure you're looking at an article. Then click on Hollins JournalFinder. The video below shows you what you'll see.

View the video:journalfinder_movie

Scholarly Databases

These databases are primarily English-language, but some index articles and book chapters in French.  Use the advanced search function to limit your searching by language.

These are some likely databases for finding good information about Quebec.  If you aren't finding what you need, please contact Joan for suggestions of additional resources that may be useful for your topic. 

French Popular Journals & Newspapers

A few of our databases index popular journals/magazines and newspapers in French. The key here is to remember that while the content the database is indexing is in French, the database itself "speaks" English.

Use your boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) in English, with your search terms in French.

Do not use diacritics - some databases won't know how to process them.

     par exemple: avortement AND quebec

Your Librarian

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Luke Vilelle
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Office: Library's second floor: up the middle stairs, go right, and you'll see a sign pointing to my office. Schedule appointment here: