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Wyndham Robertson Library Undergraduate Research Awards: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered here, please contact James Miller at .


Question: I want to enter a project I completed as a sophomore at Hollins. I am now a junior. Which category will I enter in, junior/senior or first year/sophomore?

  • You will be entered in the first year/sophomore category.

Question: I graduated from Hollins last year and would like to submit a project for consideration. Can I do so?

  • No, only current Hollins students are eligible for the award.

Question: I was previously a finalist for the Research Award. May I apply again?

  • Yes! You are encouraged to do so.

Question: I am a previous winner of the Research Award. May I apply again?

  • We welcome an application for you in the other category, but you may not enter again in the same category. Thus, if you won the first year/sophomore award, you may apply again in the junior/senior category -- but you could not apply again as a first year/sophomore. The same applies for the junior/senior category -- if you win as a junior, you may not apply again for the award.


Question: I would like to enter a project that I completed at another school. Can I do that?

  • No, you must have completed the project as part of course work (or independent study) at Hollins.

Question: I would like to submit a project that I completed while studying abroad. Is my work eligible?

  • Yes, if you are studying and earning credits as part of a Hollins-approved abroad program, your work may be entered.

Question: I'd like to enter a paper that I completed last spring (Spring 2018). Can I enter that in the competition?

  • Yes, projects completed in any of the three previous semesters, and J-Terms (J-Term 2019; Fall 2018; Spring 2018; J-Term 2018; Fall 2017) are eligible.

Question: I did a great deal of research for a fiction story I wrote for my creative writing class. Can I enter the story?

  • Yes, you can. We welcome any project that required research, whether it led to a classic research paper, an activism project, a play, a video, or any other creative work.

Question: I'd like to enter a project that I delivered as a presentation. Can I enter that in the competition?

  • Yes, oral presentations may be entered. You will need to provide a video or transcript and/or PowerPoint slides of the presentation. If you did not tape the presentation when you did it for the class, you may tape the presentation at another time and enter it.

Question: May I submit a group project?

  • Yes, group projects may be submitted under the following conditions:
    • All who worked on the project should also collaborate on the entry essay.
    • The entry essay should be submitted in an email cc'd to all group members.
    • The Faculty nomination must also include all group members.
    • If chosen as winners, group members will share the prize.

Question: I have two or more projects I would like to enter. May I do so?  

  • Yes, you may enter multiple submissions. 



Question: My original project did not require a bibliography of my sources. Can I enter a project without a bibliography?

  • No. If you didn't do a bibliography (or works cited page, or reference list) for the original project, you will need to create one to enter the competition. This is required so that the judges can see what sources you used.

Question: I used Interlibrary Loan extensively for my project, and used very few resources from the Hollins library. Would my project be considered for the award?

  • Yes, the research does not have to have been done with HU library resources.

Question: May a project be revised before it is submitted?

  • Yes, you may revise your work before submitting it.

Question: May a project be submitted in a language other than English?

  • Alas, we are currently unable to accept submissions in a language other than English.


Question: How many finalists are there every year?

  • It is up to the awards committee to determine the number of projects designated as finalists.

Question: Are the awards given every year?

  • It is up to the awards committee to determine whether any project is to receive the final award.

What happens when a faculty member who has recommended a student for the award also serves as a judge?

  • The following measures are taken to avoid conflicts of interest:Faculty members on the judging committee may write an initial letter of recommendation for students for the award. However, in all deliberations of the judging committee, those faculty who have recommended a student for the research award (in either a faculty or advisory role) must recuse themselves when there is discussion or voting involving the application in question.

    • Faculty shall not be present during discussion of whether finalist status will be granted to the application, or any follow-up discussion regarding winners.
    • In voting for winners, faculty members may not vote for an application they have recommended.



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