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Special Collections at Wyndham Robertson Library: Search Tips

Virtual tours

Museums now offer virtual tours.  These tours often include information about the collection and some really great research by the curators.  These are valuable sources of information.

Online Catalog Search

Search our online catalog for books, e-books and films:

Search Tips

TIME SAVERS: Use the *  (asterisk) to truncate your search terms, to search several terms at once.
                           Example:  femin* = "feminine"+ "feminist"+ feminism" + feminists", etc.

·         Look in Advanced Search to limit by language or material type.

Finding nothing? – try changing your search terms. Use:
  • broader terms
  • related terms
  • synonyms

Try a different database: each contains different sources. Ask the librarian if you'd like some help to find the right search terms.

·         Note that museums and galleries can have their own subject headings.

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