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Faculty publications: What is included in the Publication List?

Faculty Publications

We get our listing of publications from:

  • The Faculty News portion of my.hollins / also published as "Recent Faculty Accomplishments" on the HU website
  • Faculty activity reports provided to the VPAA Office
  • Items sent to Luke at

This is NOT a comprehensive listing. We began to compile our list by looking at faculty activity reports submitted in 2010, meaning there is very little in the database from prior to 2009. If you would like earlier publications included, contact Luke at

To be included on our list of publications, an item must be published. Thus, we do not include conference presentations, unless there is an accompanying paper. We think of it this way: if you could request a copy of the item via Interlibrary Loan, then we'll include it.

Using the database

Use the filter drop-down menu to:

  • Identify publications by a particular department
  • Identify publications by a particular faculty member

Use the search functionality in any of the fields to:

  • Search citations for particular keywords (e.g., I could search for 2009 if I wanted all 2009 publications)


Recent faculty books

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