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ART317 Dress Gender and Social Identity (2018): Home

A research guide for students in Kathleen Nolan's class, created by Librarian Maryke Barber

Books and Films from Hollins and RC

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Library Locations & Numbers

Call Numbers

GT500-2370: costume/dress/fashion (3rd floor)
(G = anthropology, the social/cultural aspects of clothing & body)


  • Beauty
  • Clothing by country/period
  • Clothing by class
  • Clothing by occasion
  • Theatrical costumes
  • Types of garments (note crossover with T)
  • Jewelry (incl. body markings)
  • Hair

TT500-633: clothing, fashion (2nd floor)
(T=technology, clothing as design & construction, fashion)


  • Dressmaking
  • Tailoring
  • Types of garments (note crossover with G)
  • Catalogs
  • Textiles
  • Textile arts and crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc.)

Don’t forget the folio section on the 1st floor when browsing the stacks!


TR679: fashion photography (2nd floor)


Other Book Locations


HU- Reference
1st floor


HU - Annex
use the "request" function in the online catalog


RC - General Collection
use the "request" function in the online catalog

More Books

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

Worldcat: Find books in libraries worldwide, and order them via Inter-Library Loan if Hollins does not have them.


  • Using will sort your results by relevance; using will put our books first.
  • When searching for a person in Worldcat, it helps to add a search term (or two) about who they are/what they do - to sort them out from other people with the same name. Try the following formula for artists, for example:

Kathryn Clark and art*

or use the advanced search:

  • keyword: "kathryn clark"
  • subject: art*

Google Books contains full text for books in the public domain (pre-1923); partial text for books under copyright.

Very useful for finding out which books contain information on your topic; then you can order them via inter-library loan if Hollins doesn't have them.

Search Tips

Basic subject terms (use in online catalog, Worldcat, etc.)

  • Costume
  • Clothing and dress
  • Fashion
  • Fashion designers
  • Textiles

More specific subject terms:

  • Beauty, personal
  • Hair
  • Kimonos
  • Leather garments

Search for People:

Last name, first name

Chanel, Coco

No results? Search more broadly: 

fashion designers OR
fashion - history OR
clothing OR.....

and then add:

  • Country
  • Time period (18th century, 19th century, etc.)

Or try changing your search terms. Use:

  • related terms (feminism - gender)
  • synonyms (clothing - garments)

Useful terms in the online catalog:

  • History
  • Social life and customs
  • Social aspects
  • Manners and customs
  • Gender identity

Use the *

Use the *  (asterisk) to truncate your search terms, to search several terms at once.
Example:  femin* = "feminine"+ "feminist"+ "feminism" + feminists", etc.

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