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FYS: Classics/Theatre197: Great (and not so great) Greek Tragedies (2019): Getting Started: Search Skills

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Rebecca Seipp
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MSIS, Information Science
The University of Texas at Austin
BA, History
Southwestern University


What makes good keywords?

  • broader terms
  • more specific terms
  • synonyms 
  • people
  • places
  • literary elements

What makes good keywords?

Searching is an iterative process, meaning you will need to search multiple times to find the information you need. Start with broad searches (one or two terms) then add more if needed, and be sure to mix up your keywords. Below is a list of terms or topics that can help you create good keywords:

  • People (e.g. authors, characters, scholars)
  • Themes/Theories (e.g. homosexuality, women of color)
  • Titles
  • Genres

Using synonyms is also important. Not returning results for "young adult"? Try "fiction", "novel", or "literature" and see if that changes your results.